Owned and operated from Nigeria and serving clients nationwide, Dropey provides customers with a safe and diverse marketplace to find the perfect accessories for their mobile devices. Our team of dedicated staffers ensures the integrity of all our product listings. Thus with 24 hour delivery free of charge, quality and customer satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed when utilizing our services and no other retailer can come close to boasting such an expedient and satisfactory experience.  Dropey features a comprehensive and desirable selection of various mobile phones and hands free devices and accessories built to suit one’s individual needs such as:


Featuring all the popular brands with name recognition such as Apple, Samsung, and Android, Dropey’s mobile handset marketplace is the perfect destination to browse and come across the mobile phone handset that best fits your personal lifestyle. Browse our selection and take advantage of our free 24 hour delivery of your favorite mobile device.


Never experience the stress of low battery life again with these portable cases integrated with mobile charging capacity. Dropey has a slew of competing brands of Power Banks that are certain to fill the niche of your individual taste as well as desired outcome.


While modern handhelds are impressive on their own, there is always room to improve one’s experience with accessories like ear pieces (including apple airpods), phone chargers, and replaceable phone batteries. Whether it is Skullcandy, Bose, or Beats, our wide selection on Dropey can cater to any one’s particular individual preferences.


At Dropey, we optimize the procurement of genuine and quality goods, whilst at the same time, maintaining the comprehensive inclusion of a variety of product categories.

Through our in depth and thorough quality control protocols, all products are certified to be genuine and satisfactory. Dropey strictly follows five steps of CITST quality control, namely:

● Checking supplier, ● Inspecting production,  ● Testing sample quality,  ● Spot-checking products, and ● Tracking after sales

Thus ensuring all products satisfies a consistent quality standard and never falls short of client expectations.


Having streamlined the logistical chain by dealing directly with manufacturers, Dropey maintains a reasonable price offering by reducing the middleman and promoting a more direct interaction between suppliers and customers. Supported by Dropey’s premium supply chains and independently operated supplier repository, Dropey has advantages and freedom in pricing not found on competing marketplaces, thus promising cost-efficient products with impeccable quality to all its users.


Dropey risk control system ensures our customer’s payment speed and security. Hence, our customers are allowed to pay for their products at the point of delivery either by cash or by bank remittances, except for products to be transited outside of Lagos which requires secure bank remittances.


Dropey is praised for its same-day delivery technology, and we provide our customers with the most professional, fast, dependable advanced delivery service.


Dropey’s range of quality products can be accessed easily by our esteemed customers. Our endless list of quality products are available to all our customers at very affordable prices and can be paid for at the point of delivery. Also, Dropey’s effective customer support system is ever ready to help our customers feel the best shopping experience.

Our Mission:  At Dropey, our vision is to give our customers the most compelling shopping experience with speedy services and best products at affordable prices.


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